Earn money from the game (anno1777)

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Earn money from the game (anno1777)

Postby DirbuSau » Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:24 am

Hello i would like to introduce a interesting way to earn money, have fun and relax from PTC and clicks.

Well first of all i want to say thank you to this site admin for allowing to post this topic and for his good job helping others.
Maybe some one already knows this game (anno177) so this might help them too.
This game so fur i know is the only one on the net that allows virtual currency exchange to real money in PayPal and i'm not 100% sure AlertPay too.

What you have to know about this game. Well its a Romanian company game, basically it's strategical, economical and social game. International lots of country's plays in there. There is 3 types of currency's, 1 the local (like the country you in) this currency works only in the country you chose to register, 2 global works in any country and known as gold currency, and you can exchange your local currency to global, 3 and in the end there is a real money currency in Euro. Then you have a 10 Euro in your account you may to Withdraw to Paypal or other systems.

This is the links to the game. As i'm not spamming or advertising this game ill post a direct link

and for those who would like to support me i'm giving mi ref link

Big thanks for supporters if you need any help find me in the game nick name DirbuSau or fill free to ask here.
Ok now more about this game. It's really cool easy to play browser based game in 2 languages still in development (beta) but not very bugged. You will have loads of fun and good time playing it with your friends or solo. It doesn't takes a lot time to play. Everything depends on how fast and how lot you want to earn.
Well i would determinate 3 types of playing strategy's: 1 player who don't have or want to spend his time at this game. This type of player logs in the game 2-3 times a day makes couple fights takes the job and bonuses. Ill recommend for thos players to spend little more time in the beginning of the month course they will earn more from bigger wages and don't buy anything at all just save your money. And for those players will take 3-6 month to hit the withdraw amount.
2 players ho want to earn more and have time to spend in the game as fur as they don't planing to invest. For those ones i recommend make 10-15 fights a day take work and get bonuses. Than you register try to rent house as fast as possible keep your wellness a bit higher to get higher bonuses and you'll need to buy some goods from game but than your can earn 2x time faster.
3 this type of players who wand to spend some time playing it and want to invest and earn much more. Well for those ones i can say if your want to invest please don't do a mistake and contact me first ill explain how everything works.
Well i can talk and talk about this game but you'll get bored from reading it so if you interested in it want to support me join it http://www.anno1777.com/index.php?i=143300 take a look around and if have questions ill bee happy to answer.

BTW i'm playing for Lithuania and all suggestions was made on state of this country and i recommend to join it, except if you willing to have more fun and social experience than better join the country you are in. So good luck to all and hope to see you in the game.
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