New PTC - Criteria.

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New PTC - Criteria.

Postby Admin » Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:38 pm

Hi dear members,

I'll appreciate if you follow this indication first to suggest a new PTC site.

1. PTC-site MUST be free to join, no investment request;
2. PTC-site should be preferably newly born;
3. Reflimit for Standard member - from 25;
4. Waiting period for payments, according to TOS not more than 10 days for standard;
5. On PTC-site there must be "Forum" section with active Admin, and TOS section.

If you can:

- Number of ADS;
- Pay per click $;
- Pay per referral click $;
- Payout minimum $;
- Waiting Time for payment.

Buxhost Sites

Don't like this kind of sites (99% turn on scam in a bit).
This mean that conditions to add this kind of sites are more restrictive.

- Reasonable click limit to request (Max 20/25 click);
- Reasonable limit ammount to cashout (no lower than 25$ but depends on cashout interval);
- Low cashout (Max.2$/3$);
- Reasonable interval between cashout (Max.5 days).

We must be able to test the site in 4/6 days, not more.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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