Welcome to RbBux

In RbBux you can earn more from your click in Ptc sites.

You must sign up in active Ptc sites and be active.

When we will receive payment from ptc, we will add in your account up 80% of yours earning (based on standard referral earnings) and up 100% for premium members.

The minimum payout is only 1.00$ if processed through Payza or only 0.50$ if processed through PayPal. Payments are made whitin 5 days for standard members and whitin 1 day for premium members.


Ref-back system

RbBux is the professional way to be paid by ref-back offers.

You get paid to click on ads like PTC sites. RbBux guarantees to earn money with PTC sites whether you can't reach the minimum payout, even you have 1 click!

RbBux is not a PTC nor an advertisement site. RbBux is a way to boost your earnings on PTC sites by bonus offers.


Our Comunity

If you usually earn money by clicking on PTC sites, don't loose this opportunity.

Becomes a member of this community, It's free to join, no investment required, members from all country are welcome.

On RbBux you can find a friendly and fast support, you may not be considered only one user, but a member of a big family.

Site Stats

Minimum Payment Payza$ 1.00
Minimum Payment PayPal$ 0.10
Paid to Members$ 1698.83
Total Members3898
Active Sites 5

Cashout Status

Ojooo 1 14/01/12 Paid
GoldenClix 3 14/01/08 Paid
GlobalBux.net 1 14/01/05 Paid
NeoBux 11 13/12/30 Paid
ProBux 4 13/11/24 Paid
GoldenClix 2 13/07/04 Paid
GoldenClix 1 13/05/03 Paid
ProBux 3 13/04/26 Paid
GlBux 4 13/03/26 Pending
GenProBux 2 13/03/24 Pending
YahooBux 4 13/03/16 Paid
SweBux 9 13/03/06 Pending
LimaPtc 4 13/03/03 Paid
Clickinadsformoney 4 13/03/02 Pending
XoxBux 1 13/03/02 Paid